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Dirty Smile in New York City!


LIVE music from our show at The Delancey! Stream or Download!
All photos courtesy Jen Curci & Dirty Smile
Memoir below penned by Megan Brown
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     As a band, we now have four years of music and memories between us. So many songs and moments stick out in our mind. As of May 30th, 2015, none of those memories would be as immortal to us as the ones we created in our first trip to New York City. 

We were off to a good start as we loaded all of our gear into The Southern Gentleman. It almost goes without saying that of course, The Southern Gentleman was our rented van adorned with North Carolina plates. A gentleman he surely was as Mike Suda guided him along the highways, through the Lincoln Tunnel and into the most alive and electric city in the country. 

Always punctual, we arrived at Bestbar in Manhattan in record time, just as Happy Hour was kicking off. Some of us had experienced the city in full before. Some of us had only gotten to glimpse it briefly. For Jesse Raderman, it was the first time seeing Manhattan. With time to kill, it seemed natural that we would find ourselves drifting in the heavy foot traffic towards Times Square to snap a few pictures and take in the enormity, like so many others around us. 

When we made our way back to Bestbar, took to the stage and ripped into the first song of our first New York City set, we were unified in our purpose. Simply put, we murdered our set and showed NYC what Buffalo was made of! 

After the show we loaded up and drove to Queens where we were delighted and humbled by the hospitality of a friend who set us up comfortably in her home for the night. 

As we awoke the next morning to welcome Day 2, it was time for the moment of truth. Megan Brown, the only female in the band, was grateful to learn that all of her band mates did in fact believe in showers, brushing of teeth and clean changes of clothes! Again, another good start. 

We were looking and smelling fresh as we loaded back into the Southern Gentleman by noon and began the search for authentic New York City bagels. (We were not disappointed in our findings.) 

Loaded up on legitimate city sustenance, we took the the streets of Manhattan on foot and explored. We found ourselves at none other than Ground Zero. Not much can truly be said about our experience there. We only know that as you approach, the atmosphere shifts. You walk slower, breathe deeper. You can't help but become quiet in a place that still holds so much pain, chaos and history. We were very thankful for the time to pay our respects there. 

As it became apparent that we needed to get back into work-mode, we collected our thoughts and headed for the subway. Erik Eimiller was our fearless leader underground as we navigated out the best way to get to the venue where we would play our final set of the journey. The Delancey is a beautiful establishment in Manhattan and we were so humbled to see a great contingent of people there, just to support us and our music. 

After some laughs and hugs we said goodbye to the friends we'd found there, new and old, and Gus Walters bravely volunteered to drive through the night to get all of us back home. 

So many band excursions leave little time for exploring the area in which you will share your music. We were very grateful for the unique opportunity we had to immerse ourselves in the city. We have no doubt that the energy there helped fuel us as we played our music and we're blessed to have a great recording of our set performed at The Delancey. It means a lot to us to be able to share this memento with you that we feel captures the experience well. 

We would like to extend a thousand thank you's to the loved ones, family members, friends and fans that made this possible! Please enjoy the pictures and the recording.




released 30 May 2015 


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